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We're your local Invercargill Electrician and we supply services for homes, business and industrial sites.

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Electrical safety is so important.  You might have a job that you think is only a tiny job — a dodgy powerpoint or a light that isn't working.  Is it safe? Don't put off even small jobs.  We love big projects, but ask us today about those little jobs .

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We're super proud of Edge Electric and it shows in the work we do and we're always striving to deliver 100% top quality work.  

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For you and for your family and for us, safety is the number 1 highest priority for Edge Electric.  You're in the best of hands with us.

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We'll always take care when working at your location to protect your  property.  And we clean up when we're done! We'll remove any old parts, wire or dust. 


Homes, Rentals

In this day and age it is very important to have a trusted, reliable electrician on call for your home needs. Don’t take chances with your family and have your home inspected to help catch potential trouble spots before they can become a serious issue.

We provide you with the best service at prices that are low and competitive with all other electrical service companies. Call our friendly, courteous staff if you have an installation, repair or inspection that you want our trained professional, experienced electricians to do for you.


Your Business

Edge Electric provides top quality services for your commercial electrical needs. Our electricians are fully licensed and experienced when it comes to designing and installing new wires for your business. We are readily available to tender for projects at the convenience of our customers.

Commercial electrician, Invercargill


Large Projects + Sites

Are you looking for industrial electrical contractors in the Southland area? Edge Electric understands customer requirements and that a rapid and reliable response is expected.

Industrial Electrician, Invercargill


Safety + maintenance

At Edge Electric we pride ourselves in delivering quality work in a safe environment for both the worker and customer. One way we achieve this is through our Test and Tag services, Electrical Safety check and our strict health and safety policies.

Electrical maintenance for homes, business and industrial in Invercargill


Edge Electric Deals

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For more information about the products in our deals, check out www.toshibaheatpumps.com

8KW Heating & 7.1KW Cooling


This package is designed to give you and your family fresh warm or cool air to better the quality of life with less energy consumption (great for the planet), and easier control for heating or cooling with just one touch.

Toshiba Model PKVG24

*Price includes GST & installation. Conditions apply.

5.4KW Heating & 4.2KW Cooling


An economical solution for smaller properties where you'll still need fresh warm or cool air yet less energy consumption and easy control for heating or cooling with just one touch.

Toshiba PKVG16

*Price includes GST & installation. Conditions apply.

For Toshiba High Wall Heat Pumps


The ultimate way to control your Toshiba heating and cooling solution from your smartphone. What could be nice than arriving home to the pertect temperature no matter what the weather.

*Price includes GST & installation. Conditions apply.


Common Questions

1. If you have any concerns about how any of the equipment may be operating
2. The dwelling property had electrical work done prior to 1990
3. Every 5 years as a general electrical heath check - why not consider getting 230v smoke alarm installed.
4. When you are looking to purchase a previously occupied home or soon after purchase.

When additional power and lighting circuits are installed RCD's (residual current device) are now required by law in domestic dwellings. RCD's are designed to trip whenever there is an electrical fault to protect you and your family. RCD's save lives.

TRS (tough rubber sheathed) cable or wiring was installed mainly in the 1940s and 1950s and poses a serious fire and electric shock risk due to the rubber insulation deteriorating around the live conductors. if you're in doubt then give Edge Electric a call to check your house or shed. All TRS wiring should be rewired as soon as possible.

Not always! You may find that your new home has the bare basics installed. Many times I have been in a new house and notice that the bedrooms only have 1-2 power points, no phone or TV points in the 2nd or 3rd bedroom. It is important to compare quotes for what they allow. If you’re unsure talk to Edge Electric about a personalized quote that suits you and your budget.

Halogens are available in either 12v or in 240v, but are not necessarily cost effective as you generally require more lights to be sufficient enough to light up a room. So in effect you are using more power than you may realize. LED are a great alternative with low running costs and longer running life and can usually be replaced where existing downlight are located.

Without having the required skills, knowledge and qualifications doing your own electrical work can pose a serious risk to you and your family. Without an electrical certificate of compliance, you would also be in breach of your insurance policy.

With the incentives to bring old homes up to standard with the insulation ratings, many homes I have been to have halogen downlights covered with insulation. This can pose a serious fire risk. If you’re unsure about the safety of your home, please call Edge Electric for an inspection. It will bring peace of mind that you and your family are safe.

Yes! A tripping fuse can be the result of a faulty appliance, overloaded circuit or dodgy wiring. I would recommend calling an electrician to have a look into why the circuit is tripping before trying to replace the fuse yourself.

Edge Electric is a locally owned and operated business that strives to deliver quality work at an affordable price. Safety is of the utmost importance from the start of the job right to the end. And we tidy up your home or business after a job is complete.


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